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Mr. Green is an American animated cartoon created by David Heath and Andrew Justice. Andrew Justice is no longer working on "Mr. Green" and has given all the rights to the co-creator, David Heath. To learn more about Andrew Justice, visit his page DoodleDrew Wiki. Feel free to visit our collection of pages.



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The show has been split up into two different versions due to the events of Mr. Green: A Different Path

(2008-2014 Version)

In this show, Peter Green and his wife Lulu live in a little house on a hill. With the help of their friend Blobby Blobbicus, they try to survive everyday from the attack of the galactic empire.


Infamous circus ring master Peter Green tries to make his show a hit. With his friends Lulu and Blobby by his side, they will make it big. Of course unless the galactic empire destroys them first.

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Evolution of mr green

The Characters

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